Lipotropic Injection

Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections ensure that the liver is functioning well and is it healthy all the time. This enhances its ability to perform its functions better and more efficiently. These injections also help to mobilize fat and prevent its accumulation on the primary fatty deposit regions like the inner thighs, the stomach, the neck, hips, buttocks and the underarms.

These fat burning shots contain natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. They help decrease fat deposits in the body while speeding up the metabolism of fat and its removal. The lipotropic shots include the following:


Methionine –This lipotropic agent is an essential amino acid that generally server as an amplifier that speed up the burning of fat and metabolic processes. It works as a deactivating agent. Estrogen and sulfur-containing hormones are kept at bay, and it helps defend harmful compounds in our system.

Inositol –This is a lipotropic agent in the Vitamin B family. It works many biological processes, helps break down fat. It can help your liver to remove fat from your body.

Choline –This essential nutrient is vital for liver functionality, and it helps transport bile and stored fat. Exported fat burns, detoxes the liver, and helps promote healthier weight loss results.

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a genuine weight loss product that has been effectively helpful to your body to burn fat more efficiently. When MIC injections are constantly administered together with a diet of low calories and frequent exercise, this medication produces outstanding results.

With a high dose of essential nutrients and vitamins, the shots will enable weight loss to occur. Basically, the nutrients are what the body uses to promote, fuel, and encourage weight loss, and burning body fat. Excess fat will be burned, rather than stored in the liver, so you don’t have to worry about liver failure, or metabolic concerns as you age.


You know the benefit of the nutrients, so, here are the other nutrients that can help you lose weight!

Amino AcidsL-Arginine, Glutamine, and L-Carnitine, this is a powerful amino acid blend which will aid in your weight loss efforts as well. It is going to help boost performance levels. You will burn more stored fat, active amino compounds will improve overall internal functionality, and you will experience increased energy levels as you go through your weight loss journey.  Arginine and Carnitine can be the perfect combo for energy and weight loss with minimum side effects.


Vitamin B12 – It is an essential nutrient which helps the body: produce blood cells, guarantee proper nerve function, and provide our bodies with energy. Cobalamin is another term which is interchanged for the vitamin; animal sources such as eggs, dairy, and even fish can provide us with the vitamin. Since it doesn’t synthesize in the body, we need to fuel our body with B12 through diet. More and more people are deficient in B12, simply because we don’t find it in nearly a half of the foods we consume daily.

The water-soluble vitamin helps prevent anemia; our recommended daily intake is 2.4 mg daily. If not met by diet and supplementation, various other deficiencies can present themselves, and our bodies can become susceptible to many ailments/diseases. Vitamin B12 it also helps fat metabolize, meaning you are going to lose weight more easily.


B-Complex Vitamins –Promotes fat loss, and it helps you feel more energized.

From distribution in fat in your body, to subsequent weight loss roles, each of these vitamins plays an integral role. They easily enter the body when all are put together into one injection, in turn fat is absorbed in the gut, and you realize the weight loss you weren’t seeing prior. doing this.


IV drip for weight management The Performance Hydration – This Nutrient IV therapy works like a charm, sending high-impact nutrients to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely. This is an effective way for cells to receive essential vitamins and minerals that help us fight diseases and eliminate toxins and lose weight more easily.


HCG is a hormone which is naturally produced during pregnancy; it is intended to support the development and provide sufficient levels of nutrients to the baby in the mother’s womb. It does this by signaling the release of fat hormone in the body, and this is achieved when calorie intake is on the lower end. So, your metabolism is not going to slow down if you are consuming fewer calories. You are going to burn more, the body is energized, and it is going to continue to speed up the metabolism, which means you are naturally going to burn more calories and are going to achieve higher results in the weight loss department as well.

The brain center is where the HCG hormone works, and releases the energy needed to burn the fat. It sets off your brain to burn more, absence the intake of more food (i.e. a greater intake of calories each day). Therefore, is going to help the body burn more, so it is naturally going to lose more fat, and you are going to shed more pounds, in less time.


Our lipotropic injections can be purchased as solo packages or can be included as part of your weight loss program with Alexander


Benefits of Lipotropic Injections, IV drips and other nutrient injections:

  • Increase in metabolism to help you burn fat faster.
  • Boost in energy.
  • Increased thought process and mood.
  • Helps with transforming carbohydrates into energy.
  • Neutralizes toxins in the body to keep skin, hair and nails strong.
  • Increased breakdown of fat in the body.
  • Minimizes unwanted water gain.
  • Helps suppress appetite.

Unlike other forms of weight loss treatments, lipotropic shots, nutrient injections and IV drips are non-invasive and they help your body burn the fat naturally at an enhanced pace which means you’ll see weight loss results fast.


How Often Do You Need Injections?

For maximum results, we recommend weekly injections. This injection combined with a multivitamin ensures you get all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you will not be getting in sufficient amounts from your foods while you are losing weight.


Are Lipotropic & Other Nutrient Shots Right for Me?

Every individual has different needs and goals. Schedule your free consultation to find out the right nutritional injections program that will be beneficial for you.





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